Paul Mayer,  a.k.a. DJ FriendZone, is from Bakersfield, California but currently lives in Houston, Texas.  He is so excited to be in such a wonderfully diverse and lively city!  DJ FriendZone has DJ'd for dozens of events at many venues around Houston, including The Astros Stadium, The Ballroom at Bayou Place, Citadel Houston, The Hobby Center, and many more.  Spinning a variety of different musical genres, he loves making people dance.

DJ FriendZone began DJing in High School for school dances, graduation parties, and Quinceañeras.  This allowed him to build up both his technical chops and a musical intuition for reading crowds that he took with him to Houston.  Attending Rice University gave him the opportunity to DJ multiple times almost every weekend, gaining even more experience.  His choice to study Electrical Engineering continues to foster a profound appreciation for the technology behind DJing.

DJ FriendZone is so happy to continue his passion for music by DJing and collaborating with other artists.  He is always on the lookout for awesome new music.  If you would like to work with him, need a DJ for your event, or just want to chat/ask a question, please feel free to email DJ FriendZone at, or use the contact form to get in touch.  His pricing varies per event, but please contact him even if your budget is stringent and he can try and work something out!

One question he gets asked a lot is how he got the name DJFriendZone. Here's the story: in high school, he had this crush on a girl and put flowers in her locker.  He wanted to keep it a secret, but she found out who it was and told him she wanted to "just be friends."  At the time, he had started producing music and needed a name, so he thought "Why not DJFriendZone" to be funny.  What originally started as a joke ended up sticking, and now years later he still goes by DJFriendZone!